What's In Our Herschel Bags

What's In Our Herschel Bags

Posted by Ally,OurPhotographer on

Want to know what's in our Herschel bags? We picked out the essential items that these four types of gals wouldn't be leaving the house without!

The Beach Babe

Beachy babes love the sun but know protection is a must. They never leave the house without sunnies, sunscreen and some lip balm! Throw in a camera to capture the good times and a portable phone charger and you'll be set 'til sundown!

The Creative

Every creatives knows a good notebook is an essential. You never know when inspiration will strike! Getting lost in work is what creatives do best and these headphones will definitely get you in the zone by blocking out all distractions.

The Book Worm

The book lover will always be carrying more than one book around in their bag...duh! There's nothing better than sitting outside on a warm day in the shade and getting lost in a book but don't forget your hat and outdoor spray!

The Traveller

Did someone say wanderlust? Always on the go, our travelling girl needs a super sturdy and reliable bag to get by. Comfort and entertainment are top priorities so you'll want some flat shoes, your laptop, a water bottle and a camera so you can capture everything!