What's In Our Herschel Bags...

What's In Our Herschel Bags...

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Whether you are the type of person to be hiking the hills on Sunday mornings, running a familiar track, dashing out to your next appointment or taking a weekend away - Herschel Supply Co have a bag for every need. Check out some of the styles below and see whats in our bags!

The Active connects with the great outdoors; suggests hikes on Saturday morning and generally can always be found on an adventure. They are always prepared for what the world might throw at them, so they need outdoor spray for pesky insects, sunglasses for the glare of the sun, a bottle to keep hydrated and earbuds to blast Running Playlists.
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the student title.jpg
The reader and the clever one, the Student of the world who is always looking to expand their mind and learn something new. They need a few classic Penguins on hand in case there’s a lapse in the day; a power bank so they can always be connected and a tumbler for that sneaky afternoon coffee boost.
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the creative title.jpg
The Creative is a passionate soul who always has game changing ideas. The Creative takes inspiration from everything around them so they need instant access to a camera, some film and their laptop at a moments notice.
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livewire title.jpg
A full social calendar? Always rushing around to events and appointments? The Livewire needs a bag that is large enough to fit their possessions but also fits in amongst any social event. The Livewires bag is never without a few essential beauty items and of course accessories for that last minute outfit change!

Oh the Road tripper! How they wax poetry about the open road and of travelling with no real destination in mind. Don’t lie, we are all jealous of the Road tripper! The Road tripper will always have a large duffle bag in tow that contains anything from travel journals, to speakers and cameras, a pair of sneakers for exploring and a beautiful book to get lost in!