BFF Styling

BFF Styling

Posted by Ally,OurPhotographer on

Ever looked at your BFF's clothes and thought wow, I need to steal that later?! Or even wished you had the exact same outfit? We hear ya! She's so cool and stylin' and no doubt thinks the exact same thoughts about you!

With this in mind, we put together some outfits for you and your BFF. You'll be matching without looking like weirdos in the exact same outfit. The perfect balance!

The Girls Night Out

The best night of the week! Dress up this slip with some slick black boots and pair with a bomber for a seriously badass look! 


1. The Kadja Bomber - YOU + BFF / 2. Silence Dress - YOU + BFF / 3. Boots - YOU + BFF

The Day Trip

Day trips always involve adventuring somewhere new and cool so this means you'll need your walkin' shoes! And double denim....because duh! 


1. Boyfriend Jacket - YOU + BFF / 2. Dimepiece Bodysuit - YOU + BFF / 3. Chevy Denim Skirt - YOU + BFF 4. Superga Sneakers - YOU + BFF

The House Party

Take these basic pieces up a notch by adding a rad belt and some on point boots! That's all you'll need to be the centre of attention at any party...we promise!


1. Doherty Bodysuit - YOU + BFF / 2. Alina Skort - YOU + BFF / 3. Belt - YOU + BFF / 4. Boots - YOU + BFF

The Movie Date

Slouchy, comfortable and stylin'. Try these pieces out on your next movie night for the ultimate movie attire in those too cold cinemas.


1. Olsen Knit - YOU + BFF / 2. Don't Think Twice Shorts - YOU + BFF / 3. Superga Sneakers - YOU + BFF