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Which style of jeans best suit your body?

Jeans are a wardrobe staple, and as soon as there is a chill in the air, minds begin to whirl with thoughts like, Where to get a new pair of jeans? What size? Which rise? What fit?!

There’s no doubt that finding the perfect pair of jeans is daunting; so we’ve put together a quick quiz designed to help you find the jeans that will look best for your body type. 

Answer our questions below as accurately as you can, tally up those answers and discover which styles will do all of the work for your figure.


Starting at the top, how are those curves?

A. You have curvy hips that jeans fit nice and snug, but the same jeans gape at the waist.

B. Your curves are proportioned to your body! But jeans still may gape a little around the waist. 

C. Most denim styles fit well as your curves are on the lighter side. 

D. You have a straight figure, and you may have trouble finding jeans that flatter your hips. 

Now tell us about that booty!

A. All of the booty

B. Proportionate booty

C. Adequate amount of booty

D. Smaller booty

Which best describes your legs?

A. Shapely! Those legs are ample and strong.

B. Athletic! You have strong, defined legs.

C. Toned! Neither curvaceous or skinny, but in between.

D. Slim! Your legs are thinner in the thigh to the ankle.

Okay, finally – what do you want from your jeans?:

A. I want to smooth out my curves!

B. I want to appear taller please!

C. I want to balance out my body shape!

D. I want to add some extra curves!


Slim and straight jeans are your new bestfriend! Specifically those with a higher rise, that will sit comfortably on or just below your bellybutton. Jeans with a flare, kick flare or wide leg will also work to balance out your figure. Aim for darker shades of denim as it will slim your legs and smooth out those curves baby!

AFENDS - Benson high waisted wide-leg jeans (vintage blue).jpg


High waisted styles including super high rises, with a skinny leg that fits tight to the ankle. These will flatter your shape the most and make those legs go for miles. You can also pull off a cropped ankle grazer– as long as you stick to a slim line jean. Faded, vintage and lighter denim washes will also add extra va va voom!


Low to mid rise jeans are without a doubt the best shapes for your torso. You can pull off either skinny fits or relaxed mum jeans. You will also be able to pull off heavier details that sit around the hips and lower legs including heavy distressing, embroidery, patches or pockets.


Alright, its time to make those hips work! Aim for a mid to high rise jean with a skinny leg that either stays slim or tapers into a slight bootleg. A higher rise will always emphasise your waist, and make your booty look curvier. You should also look for smaller designed back pockets that sit right in the middle of your rear!