Shoe Care 101

Shoe Care 101

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All the tips and tricks you need to take care of your shoes....


Leather is a skin that needs to be hydrated and nourished! Clean your leather shoes with a rag to remove traces of dirt and dust, then apply leather cleaner/conditioner and leave to dry.

When you feel your leather shoes are looking worn, you can use a polish product to restore colour and nourish the leather. Apply the polish, wipe off excess and buff with a brush to shine! Make sure you stick to a polish colour that is the same as your shoes.



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Suede is more fragile than ordinary leather and harder to take care of. To clean suede you need to use a suede cleaner on stubborn stains and always use a very soft cloth, a slightly dampened cloth or a gently scrubber designed for use on suede. Never use wax polish on Suede!

Of course prevention is always better than cure so if you're investing in suede shoes, treat them with a protection suede spray that resists water, salt and mud so they're protected from the elements.


Synthetic materials are less fragile than natural leather. Clean your synthetic shoes with a damp cloth or a gentle brush. You can polish your synthetic shoes the same way you would leather if you are after more shine. Waterproofing your shoes when you first get them is the best way to prevent future blemishes.


Spray your canvas shoes with a waterproof spray that will protect them from rain, dirt and mud before you first wear them. Canvas shoes tend to soak up anything that comes in contact with them so you want to make sure they are well protected before they make their debut.

The best way to clean your canvas shoes is by hand with fabric shampoo and water—not in the washing machine. Even on a gentle cycle, the soles of your shoes can break down and look more worn-out.


Sometimes you just want to skip that brand new shoe look and go straight to a vintage worn shoe look. Adding age to new shoes is super easy and doesn't have to take years! Using black polish on brown boots will make leather look a little darker and more rustic without doing any damage.


Keeping your shoes away from damp areas and in a dry, clean place is essential. You can store shoes in their originals boxes or keep them tidy on a shoe rack. To ensure your shoes retain their shape and don't get crushed, you can use wooden shoe trees (although this can be quite costly) or stuff them with newspaper or silk paper to help them retain their shape.