DENIM SHORTS | How To Find The Perfect Pair

DENIM SHORTS | How To Find The Perfect Pair

Posted by Ally,OurPhotographer on

Finding the perfect Pair of denim shorts can sometimes seem like mission impossible so we've come up with a few hints and tricks to help you find your PERFECT pair!

1. Choose shorts for your height

Shorter denim shorts are great for short girls who want to add the illusion of height with a bit more leg! Whilst taller girls can easily pull off longer shorts to match their long proportions.


2. Consider your torso

Low waisted shorts help to elongate a short torso and high waisted shorts will shorten a long torso. Knowing your bodies proportions can be super helpful in finding styles that will look good on your body type!


3. Find balance between length and fit

The most flattering shorts will not be both short and tight or long and loose. Finding a pair of shorts with a balance between length and fit is essential!


4. Know your body type

Apple vs Petite

Apple shaped girls look great in slouchy styles! These styles help to balance out a top heavy body shape. Petite girls look amazing in short, slim styles as these styles add length/height to a small figure.


Pear vs Hourglass

Waist cinching denim shorts were made for hourglass shaped girls! Shorts that cinch in at the waist help define otherwise hidden curves. Pear shaped girls look great in loose cut off shorts! Loose shorts make legs appear thinner and longer while the ripped detail draws attention away from other areas.