7 Ways to display your Polaroid & Fujifilm Snaps

7 Ways to display your Polaroid & Fujifilm Snaps

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Where do you store your polaroids? In a drawer? Under a pile of stuff!? That's no place for all those beautiful memories to be stored!! We have put together some of the best and most creative ways we have found to display your polaroids.



Think fairy lights are just for Christmas? Think again! They are the coolest and easiest way to display your polaroids. First step is punching a small hole into the top of the polaroid and attaching some string through the hole, securing with a knot. Then all you have to do is tie the string to the fairy lights at even intervals.

Hint: varying the string lengths creates a random layout with no overlapping pictures!



Next time you're walking along the beach keep an eye out for some drift wood to achieve this DIY! Once you have a good and sturdy piece of driftwood, you'll need to tie three long pieces of string evenly to it. Then hole punch the polaroids at the top and bottom and secure to the string at the top and bottom. Lastly, you will need to attach a hook so you can hang this beauty on a wall!

Hint: pick a theme for your polaroids so they all look cohesive!



Ahhh the old classic! Polaroids, string & pegs will always look amazing. You'll need a lot of string to achieve this look so make sure you have enough before starting! First step is to plan where you want the string to hang from, whether you want it to droop or be layered etc. Once you have decided, you can go ahead and secure it in place. Last step is to peg all your beautiful pictures along the string. Easy Peasy!



Oh Pinterest, you never cease to amaze me! Who would have thought your polaroids could be turned into a calendar!? First up, pick out which polaroids you want to be included in your calendar and then order them as you please. After that, you can go ahead and mark out the months and days with a pen, being mindful of mistakes since you won't be able to erase them. Secure to a wall evenly with nails and clips! For a less permanent finish, use blue tack to secure to the wall.

Hint: nature polaroids look great in a calendar, especially when ordered by season!



This DIY is a great way to recycle old timber you or someone you know may have lying around. The more paint chipped and old, the better! If you can't find any old timber, you can definitely create this look on your own with some painted wood and sand paper. After you have roughed up your wood a bit, secure to a wall and hammer in some nails evenly down the centre (not all the way in though). Then simply hang your photos with a clip from the nails. The best part about this DIY is you can easily change up your photos whenever you want for a new fresh look!



Such a cute way to display all your polaroids at once without them looking cluttered! All you need for this one is some blue tack and you're good to go.  Getting all the polaroids in the right position may take a little bit of time but will look amazing once you have nailed it. Try to make the spacing and positioning as even as possible.

Hint: play around with alternate shapes if you aren't loving the heart!



Creating a wallhanging out of your polaroids....genius! Lets be honest, they are pretty much a work of art in themselves so why not treat them like the art they are! Head on down to your local hardware store and you should be able to find the pieces you need for this hanging. We suggest a rod for the bar and some foam pieces for the triangle bottom. Once you have the right pieces, it's time to paint! Get creative and design something fresh and funky or just use the above pic as inspiration. You will need four pieces of string, attach three from the rod and use the last to hang the wallhanging from a hook. Secure your polaroids by punching a hole through them and tying the string to them. Finally attach the foam pieces with your designs.

Hint: keeping with a theme like colours will really make this piece pop!