5 Step Work Out - Featuring @Belinda.n.s & Onzie

5 Step Work Out - Featuring @Belinda.n.s & Onzie

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Insta babe, Belinda Norton-Smith of @Belinda.n.s, gives us her 5 step work out reppin' our faves ONZIE! These are exercises you can do twice/three times weekly to get long lean legs and a shapely booty! It is a whole body workout in only 5 exercises with legs, butt, thighs, abs and arms being targeted. 


Bicep and Tricep Squat with 5-7kg medicine ball
Complete a set of this whole body exercise.  12 squat with tricep overheads or 12 squat with bicep and abdominal rotation. Complete the set 3 times.
If we complete whole body exercises often we save time and that means more time for fun!

Belinda wearing Long Leggings - Black Snake and Elastic Bra Top - Black Snake


Bulgarian Split Squat
Find a bar or park bench or lounge chair.  Hands on hips and stabilise on 1 foot.  Ensure your foot is and legs are parallel.
The most important fact on this exercise which is the best inner thigh. Ensure your knee does not travel over your toes.  Complete a set of 12 on each leg x 3 times. 

Belinda is wearing Briana Bra - Black/Nude and Bondage Leggings - Khaki Combo

Jump Squat
Reps 20 x 4 times. Complete 20 jumps squats.
Ensure you start with shoulder width apart feet: take the first one slow - jump feet out and back in as you squat your booty to the floor.
Stay still in the same spot: b. is rotation to show you how low you need to go.
Variation: place hand in front rather than clasp together at centre.

Belinda is wearing Elastic Shorts - Black and Elastic Band Bra - Black


Push Up Alternative
Complete a set of plank or push up alternatives to complete whole body workout.
This exercise focuses on the core, abdominals, lower back and arms.  It is a great alignment exercise also so after wearing heels on the weekend it will help to reset your body.  Focus by pulling in through your belly button.  Hold in the plank for 20 secs if you are still at a beginner level of push ups.  Add the push up if you can and add the alternate arm also.  Complete 10 of the variation 3 times.

Belinda is wearing Briana Bra - Black/Nude and Bondage Leggings - Khaki Combo


Complete a set of 16 lunges per leg x 3 sets : Hands on hips and ensure your knee touches the ground and your back foot goes back to the toe. As an alternative : complete a set of walking lunges on the opposite day: 40 walking lunges x 3 sets and feel those thighs burn.  Remember if it burns its the fat cells melting!

Belinda wearing Briana Bra - White and Track Leggings - Black/Mesh