How to: Take care of your vinyls

How to: Take care of your vinyls

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It's super important that you’re taking care of your vinyls to get the most out of them. We're going to share a few tips to take care of them and make sure your collection lasts forever! 

1. Storage

Probably the most important; Storing your records. Never lay your records flat, this will definitely warp them over time, and always store your records vertically and away from extreme temperature or humidity to also prevent warping. Dust is your vinyls worst enemy! Always store your records in their sleeve and place them inside the cover. 

2. Handle with care

You want to hold your records at their edges, never on the face/grooves of the records. Fingerprints aren’t such a big deal and can be cleaned off pretty easily, but you want to be sure not to scratch the records. Make sure to put them back in their sleeve after listening to them. 

3. Cleaning

You can use a clean brush to clean off the dust, brush in the same direction as the groove. If you have a record player with a dust cover, make sure to keep it closed except when you’re putting a record on or taking it off.