5 Tips For Styling Lack Of Color Hats

5 Tips For Styling Lack Of Color Hats

Posted by georgia@peppermayo.com.au on

We've got a brand new drop of hats from Lack Of Colour just in time for the Summer season so we thought we'd show you some kick-ass ways to style them!

1. Colour Co-ordinate

It's always best to choose one colour to be the base of your outfit, then to add an accent colour that compliments the first one and then allow a smaller feature colour/s to make it interesting. In this case we've chosen beige as our base colour, pairing the Mirage Fedora with the Caddey Dress and Tyra Heel!

We compliment this colour with a black accent via the strip on our fedora, the Infinity Belt and the Stevie Choker and let the pop of colour in the print make it interesting.

2. Let The Weather Be Your Guide

When we don't know where to start with an outfit, we let the weather decide! For a hot Summer's day it's always best to go with something light and comfortable! In this case our hero piece is the Vienna Dress from Amuse Society! It's short, flowing and even has embroidery detail that allows for extra ventilation!

We complimented this rusty tone with a black accent via the High Beams Choker and Grinder Boots and made it a little more interesting with the straw Spencer Boater, perfect for keeping your face shady all day long!

3. Add Some Edge To A Delicate Look

One of the best things about fashion is that there are no real rules, it's all about personality! A fancy dress can be worn more casually if you know how to style it right! It's all about the accessories. We decided to style-down the Willowly Dress with our new Prism Fedora and of course, our trusty go-to Infinity Belt and Grinder Boot!

4. Colour Doesn't Always Have To Be The Focus

If you're like us, there's a whole lot of monochrome in your wardrobe. It's not boring, it just allows for ultimate wear and versatility! The best way to wear monochrome as your feature piece is in an interesting style, cut or texture! In this case we've chosen the lacy, layered Beloved Dress.

Any colour compliments white so we chose a dusty pink as our accent to compliment the feminine nature of the dress via the The Stardust Boater. The style of the dress is interesting enough and our hat adds a pop of colour, so there is only really room for very simple jewellery. As warm metals compliment warm colours and the interesting neckline takes up most of the space, we've chosen the Bliss Choker Set in Rose Gold to finish the look.

5. When A Print Is Your Hero, Neutrals Are The Sidekick

It's right there in the title, for this look we've chosen a print as our feature "colour" via our Decklyn Woven Tee & Zen Shorts. The base of the print is a cream coloured neutral, allowing us to pair with our cream toned Oracle Fedora. You always want to let your feature piece shine so a neutral accent is the best way to do this. We then break up the print with the black Double Time Belt to complete the look!

We hope our tips help you next time you want to add an awesome Lack Of Color Hat to your outfit or just when you're having trouble with your outfit in general! If you have any other questions feel free to shout out on our social media!

All looks styled by Peppermayo Owner Georgia @geebangs